When you can't be mom 24 hours a day Almost Mom is here!

Winner of "Family Child Care Provider Of The Year" in 2012

Nominated for "Family Child Care Provider Of The Year"
in the DFW area for two years 2009 & 2010

Welcome to Almost Mom's home day care. My assistants and I want to offer you a safe, clean, and loving environment for your child. Our goal is for you to feel confident in your decision to leave your child in my care. If you ever have any questions or concerns, I am always here to listen to them. Feel free to drop in anytime to visit my home while your child is in my care. We encourage your participation.

One of the most important elements in Licensed Family Home Child Care is mutual respect between both parents and the provider. We have a great responsibility for the health, care and teaching of your child. However, for many hours during the day I am the nurturer to whom your child looks on and depends on. Therefore, it is only reasonable that you respect me as more than a "babysitter", and I respect you as the parent. The mutual understanding will ultimately benefit your child. And choosing to leave your most precious possession in my care while you are absent, I will provide your child with the type of care you would give them at home.

My Child Care Philosophy
My goal is to provide a safe and happy place for children where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially at their own pace. I believe children learn through play and benefit from a structured yet flexible schedule. Activities will be offered which stimulate sensory motor development, language development and social interaction. The development of strong self-esteem is also a major goal. Children will be taught to respect each other, adults and property. OUR PHILOSOPHY IS TO TEACH CHILDREN LIFE SKILLS BY SETTING EVERY CHILD UP TO SUCCEED AND NOT TO FAIL.